I knew very well that, Saving One DOG Life Will Not Going To Change The World, But Surely for that One DOG,the World Will Change Forever……

ஒரு வாயில்லா ஜீவனின் உயிரை காப்பாற்றுவதன் மூலம் உலகத்தில் பெரிய மாற்றமோ, புரட்சியோ,வளர்ச்சியோ நடக்கப்போவதில்லை, ஆனால் நான் காப்பற்றிய ஒரு வாயில்ல ஜீவனின் உலகம் அழகனாதாகவும், துன்பம் இல்லாத உலகமாகவும் மாறும்…..

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 In Past 10 years, i  treated thousands of poor street dogs ,abandoned dogs, orphan puppies and orphan dogs free of cost and i wanted to do more and  more for street dogs , orphan and abandoned puppies ,due to economic constraints , i couldn’t do it in large scale and also i use treat so many dogs, through online by giving prescription and many was cured , always i use to help all pet lovers and owners without expecting any benefits …. whole hardheartedly i wanted to more and more for beautiful innocent creatures which is nothing but dogs…..
My point is wholeheartedly i   wanted to  many more good things to dog,
wholeheartedly if any one want donate , can donate us with drugs and medicine (  strictly only medicine and drugs not money )  ….for more Details  …..

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